Wednesday, May 26, 2004

me+you (qbdp # 7)

Fairfield Inn, Room 313, Clay, New York

Most of the mailart I distribute while I’m spending nights away from home consists of fidgetglyphs wrawn onto postcards. Over time, I developed the rule that I had to design the fidgetglyph the same day I create the postcard, so I had to sit down today and make a brand-new tiny visual poem. This required enforcement of inspiration may sometimes lead to weaker poems, but the little vispoem decorating this postcard is cute (and inscrutable) enough in black and blue and red.

Yesterday, I created six postcards by cutting away one wing of a simple greeting card. The resulting postcard carries an illustration with fourteen stars of various colors. The reverse (or obverse, depending on your point of view) includes an address in many colors, my temporary address for the night (see above), the fidgetglyph “me+you,” my signature, the date, and an indication of the qbdp number.

One postcard, fully addressed, I’ve reserved for the qbdp archives, as usual.


1/6 Ruth and Marvin Sackner

2/6 Bob Grumman

3/6 Roy Arenella

4/6 Matthew Shindell

5/6 endwar

6/6 qbdp


un violon d’ingres

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