Sunday, May 16, 2004

Occasional Documentations of Mailart

I am creating this weblog as an experiment in documenting mailart.

In the past, as a good and loyal visual poet, I have occasionally worked as a mailartist (though never an important or active one)—but I’ve lost track of what I’ve done. There are many mailart shows I’ve contributed to where I don’t even remember what it was I submitted. As an archivist by profession, this lack of documentation seems particularly out of character, so this occasional blog arises out of the ashes of my imagination.

Whenever I create a piece of mailart (by mailing it), I will endeavor to include some slight bit of documentation about it to this blog. I have no idea if this experiment will end up being interesting or useful.

All I can say to myself is, “Welcome to the future. Hope you have a good time.”

For other news on my activities or thoughts, see my main blog:

dbqp:visualizing poetics

un violon d'Ingres

1 comment:

kiyotei said...

Very nice docs!
I love the idea of fidgetglyphs.
I will send you a visual postcard poem.

Take care,