Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Arenella's Perplexity

In today’s mail, a new photomail photocard from Roy Arenella. (He has labeled this “212 P/C,” meaning it is 212th mailing of the year and it is a postcard. “L+E”—I’ve recently discovered—means “letter and envelope.” He numbers in one sequence both L+E’s and P/C’s.)

The obverse of the card features a visual poem (dated 28 February 2001) that is a bit different from earlier ones. Still white block letters on a black field, but this one includes a small bit of a photograph of an apartment building. Entitled “An Old Story & How I See It,” the poem consists of the word WORLD with the L rising out of the sequence of letter and tilting backwards to form something of a V shape. Rested within the angle of the titled V is a triangle of the aforesaid photograph.

The reverse of the card includes a false cancellation that includes an oblong projection of the globe. Affixed to the card are a 22-cent LOVE stamp and a “G” rate stamp. Roy’s note includes a message about how strange it is to read qbdp: the mailartworks and “read the contents of a photo/card” he’d just sent and that it is “odder still to read about a card” I’ve sent him that he has yet to receive.

[So he’s figured out part of the point of this weblog!]

He’s lucky I never post a facsimile image of the cards I send until a few days transpire. And he’s also lucky that I won’t respond to this card till tomorrow.

Roy Arenella, "An Old Story & How I See It," 28 Feb 2001

un violon d’ingres


Phill said...

Just found you on the mailart interest list on Blogger, have added your mail art journal to my favourites, hope to see you in the post sometime

phill (jc)

Geof Huth said...


Thanks for your comments. Congratulations on being the first for the qbdp blog.

Right now, I'm working on a mailing that'll take me a while to put together. It requires me to pound text into metal, so I completed two tonight, but I still have 24 or 25 more to do. So maybe it'll take me a week to complete. I'll send you one of those when I'm done, but be patient. It might take a while.


Geof Huth said...


Just remembered: kiyotei was the first commenter! But second isn't bad.