Monday, June 07, 2004

From Kiyotei via Matangi Isle Post

Received today a yellow bit of card, folded and taped to form an envelope. Addressed to QdbP, the envelope includes a red postmark (with the words “MATANGI ISLE BANCA BOAT POST”) and a Matangi Isle artist’s stamp (of Gizney Crab).

Inside the envelope is a postcard with this note on a pink sticky note: “The post office got confused and sent this back to me.” Oh, the perils of mailart.

The postcard is also a peelable sticker and is filled with colorful lettering. Kiyotei has drawn a dot in the red rump of California that telescopes out to Kiyötei’s address; another dot in the green armpit of New York telescopes out to my zipcode. The card says it’s coming from KarlsBäd So. Cal. and includes this cryptic text: FSLAONWDEOB MAARITLB. The card tells the addressee to “MIND YER Ps + Qs.”

A twenty-three-cent George Washington is saying “FIDJITGLIF.” I’ve got to send Kiyotei some fidgetglyphs soon.

Kiyotei's Mailart Postcard, June 2004

un violon d’ingres

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