Saturday, July 24, 2004

electric garden (qbdp # 16)

Still Point, Garlock Road, Caroga Lake, New York

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a handful of postcards of Schenectady's Stockade. The cover reproduces a colorful painting of this section of the city, so I thought it would make a fine transportation device for a fidgetglyph.

The Stockade is the oldest part of the city of Schenectady. Originally, it was enclosed withing a stockade fence, which (unfortunately) did not protect the early residents of the city during the famous 1690 massacre, when the French and their Indian allies attacked this small Dutch settlement. Within the Stockade, there still stand houses constructed as far back as the late 1600s. Along with the GE Plot and my variously named neighborhood, the Stockade is one of the nicest neighborhoods in our city, and I'd probably give the prize to the Stockade.

While trying to decide what fidgetglyph to use today--since it's better to use one I've already created rather than to create one from scratch on deadline--I ran across my asemic "electric garden." Immediately, I knew this was the one to use. It was as colorful as the painting that would accompany it. And "electric garden" is a good choice for a city that still bears the nickname "The City that Lights and Hauls the World." Lights--because of General Electric, which was once a huge employer in my city, but which has shipped most of the jobs to less union-friendly climes. Hauls--because of the old American Locomotive plant (Alco) no longer with us.

Still, my poor old city has a history it cannot shake: the first public broadcast of a television signal emanated from here. Last week, my family and I drove past the house that served as the studio for this broadcast. Yes, and WRGB, our local channel 6, is the oldest television station in the world.

These are the recipients of "electric garden":
1/6 Ruth and Marvin Sackner

2/6 Bob Grumman

3/6 Roy Arenella

4/6 Matthew Shindell

5/6 kiyotei

6/6 qbdp

Geof Huth, "electric garden"

un violon d'ingres

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