Monday, August 16, 2004

Arenellanisms to Ficrust Ark

A wonderful potpourri of art-by-mail today.

Valhalla of Cowpats

Ficus strangulensis sends me one of his regular mailart envelopes, this one decorated with a picture of a target with “Holes due to 240-gr Sierra JHC’s). Inside the envelope are a few mailart cards, including one of a butterfly (“kitchen floor casualty 01”) and “GOOD MORNING!” Of course, Fike includes a note atop a bit of the printout of his mailart documentation. He created this mailing for me the same day he created one for the great Waukau, Wisconsin, artist, Malok.

Ficus strangulensis, "GOOD MORNING" (1 Aug 2004)
Would You Accept Mailart from This Man?

The Sport of Tea

From Roy Arenella, mailing number 339 XP/C (xeroxed postcard). Roy is thinking of home and healing now, so the face of the card is a kitchen scene centered around a teacup with a delicate face. Strangely, the reflection of the card appears to show fingers wrapped around the cup, but that cannot be. (A small teacup is stamped on the reverse of the card as well.)

Roy Arenella, "Bowls, etc" (2000, 2002)

A Letter of Letters

Roy begins, I have your first long letter (with decorated pages) propped up under my monitor screen & as I read along I will answer/respond to what I read.

Wait. That’s what I’m doing!

Roy wrote me, from 8 Aug 2004 to 14 Aug 2004, a long letter in response to a couple of letters of mine. The back of most pages is a sheet from Roy’s Newsfax project, and most of these are wonderfully charming concrete poems, all from the early 1970s. It is wonderful to see these pieces, which I’ve only heard rumors of in the past.

Roy has filled the envelope with numerous other small pieces of visual writing, including some outtakes from “Letters from Poughkeepsie.” Real treasures, these.

Roy Arenella, "Letters from New Paltz" (29 Jun 2003)
(Now part of "Letters from Poughkeepsie")

un violon d’ingres

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