Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Too Many Yesterdays

Well, it was yesterday when I received these next two.

First is a little wonder from j0llyr0ger, μ (Micro) 1.0, (semi)2otic, the smallest zine I've ever received, maybe 1 inch by 1.5 inches in size. The fourteen pages of this zinelet include bits of dadaistic textual barrage, broken up with the marvelously subtle intrusion of images: a mouse poking its nose into "tatter about," a hand-powered drill surrounding "bordered glaive/then a krait gore/cubic all the file," the corner of some piece of machinery above "circular yaw." The effect is kind of like a semi-collage. Altogether a great job of making a tiny booklet as well, and it's a good read for those of us who still have the eyes for it!

µ (Micro) 0.1 and its Transport Vehicle

I haven't heard from kiyotei for a while, and I wondered why. Now I know: He was on vacation in Utah, in somewhere with the initials KB. It looks like it's near Capitol Reef National Park, but that's all I know. kiyotei is a mapmaker by avocation. I await his next charting.

kiyote, "My Vacation as Viewed from Canada"

It has occurred to me that it is possible that these two gentleman are keeping their true names secret from us.

un violon d'ingres


j0llyr0ger said...

It is Hopeful the gracious and venerable mR. Huth will glower not at the self-aggrandization made here by the j0llyr0ger to announce that to all if anyone of the copy of μ (Micro) 1.0 would wish one of their own, a postcard or email sent to its author would make such the case. 493 alton, IL 62002

kiyotei said...


kiyotei=Rick Jones...
assuming the cryptic moniker due to truly boring given name.

P.S. - the map is not to scale - the location was actually near Bryce Canyon in a little known gem spot known as Kodachrome Basin. See actual photos of the location including real kinfolks in various outdoor poses:

take care my friend,

Geof Huth said...


Glad to have you add your address!


Geof Huth said...


Glad to know your real name, but I didn't mean to force it out of you!

Some great pictures in those albums!


kiyotei said...

No problem. It's on the website too, but you gotta look for it:

Yeah... there was plenty to photograph there. I guess that's why they named it Kodachrome Basin eh?

take care trickster!


michael said...

I see. These are the recipients of the mail called FATE. so not an assembling. kiyotei has aninteresting blog but not much on it and no comments boxes. i find this addition assential. so he's not really called kiyotei. i was thinking he was a japanese zen master of the floating mailbox, gifted in the art of gifs! and a very fine one too.