Friday, September 10, 2004

Twoness and Embonpoint in the Mail

Yesterday, two sets of cards: one set of one, and one set of two:

Arenella’s Point

“2 LAKES 2 PEOPLE 2 POINTS” is how Roy Arenella’s note begins. The two lakes are Caroga Lake in New York and Caspian Lake

Roy Arenella, "The Boat House, Caspian Lake, VT." (1 Aug 2004)

in Vermont. The two people are Roy and I. The 2 points are my version of T.S. Eliot’s “still point” (recently improved) and Roy’s more pointed version affixed to a label affixed to the message side of a postcard:

Roy Arenella, "2 LAKES 2 PEOPLE 2 POINTS" (Sep 2004)

This card appears to be number 384 p/c (the 384th mailing and a photocard). Roy fills his pseudo-cancellation with a rubberstamping of a sailboat and continues the watery theme with a 20-cent postage stamp showing the Brooklyn Bridge and a 3-cent stamp of “Great Lakes Navigation” that unavoidably shows Lake Erie, a lake that literally used to be my backyard.

Two from Boyle

Mick Boyle sends me two cards at once, just as he did the last time. That may be his pattern. One includes a message from Cicero (

Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature.

), and its front shows us two strong men in bathing suits, both decorated with a flowery pattern like that of wallpaper. In the second card, Mick (coming from one of the top swing states in the nation) explains, “I plan on voting, but I’ve noticed some people seem to get a little too excited by politics.” The back of that card, explains the results of voting.

Mick Boyle, Two Postcards (2004)

un violon d’ingres

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Blogdreamz said...

I was wondering around the Internet looking for something on Caspian Lake, VT as I am a summer resident of Greensboro, VT in which this is where Caspian Lake is. Looking at the photo I am trying to visualize just where on the lake that was taken but it is hard.