Tuesday, October 26, 2004

McDonald's Old Cards

Scott McDonald has sent me yet another recycled postal card. These are remarkable bits of ephemera. He takes a postal card that someone has already written upon and mailed, then he turns the card upside-down, literally, to add a new set of addresses. (I'm amazed that the postal service gets these double-addressed cards to my home without incident.)

Scott McDonald, "nonsense v 2.1" (22 Oct 2004)

The card I received this week (entitled "nonsense v 2.1") includes a message written 1 Jan 1943 by Mettie of Cape Cod who wishes her friend Ralph Giles of East Baldwin, Maine, a happy new year. Over Mettie's dark dramatic hand, Scott has typed in red a bit of wonderful (yet difficult to read) nonsense.

What could be better?

un violon d'ingres


michael said...

Old McDonald had a card - EE I EE I OH!

Scott said...

actually he's got a bag with over 400 of them from the 40s... 5 bucks went a long way one day on ebay