Saturday, November 27, 2004

Returned Mail from Qpidoremix

I read postcards starting with the back (the message). One might assume that the reason for this is that I am deeply interested in the message itself over the illustration on the front side (and one would be right), but the real reason is this: The postman—and ours is a man, friendly guy, long hair, moved up from Brooklyn, introduced himself to us when he moved to our route—always arranges the mail so that the address side faces outwards at us and him. So, just by pawing through the mail, I end up seeing the message first.

Imagine my surprise at finding my card being returned to me—not that it was easy to tell, but a the copy of my ill-yclept and autobiographical fidgetglyph, "(eyg)(eau)(auo)(Eft)," came bubbling up to the surface. With this one back to me, I now own one third of the total output of this mailing!

Qpidoremix, [Reworked Huthian Card], Reverse (Nov 2004)

Qpidoremix has decided to create a completely (well, nearly so) different card atop my card. Here we see the archeological concept of stratigraphy in action. His dramatic 39-Euro-cent Nederland stamps all but obliterate my stamp. He has covered my address to him with white and added my address. He has pasted on a few clippings of paper, highlighting huge sections, whiting out one section, and writing upon that exposed sandbar; he has added comments (including the universal "thnx") and notes, and a sticker. He's even added a footnote—"Frankfuter as WORST (würst)"—to his detourned note: "88. ich bin ein Berlinner." But I thought a Berliner was a jelly doughnut, what the Poles call a Pączki, which we have every Easter in commemoration of culinary fat.

Then there is the front of the card,

Qpidoremix, [Reworked Huthian Card], Obverse (Nov 2004)

which was a free postcard I'd picked up at a restaurant in New York City. Qpidoremix has rewritten the entire card and added appropriate illustrations, including quite a few hats. Does good old qp know what my surname means?

un violon d'ingres


Anonymous said...

Hi G,

Frankfuters are sausages. Dutch word for sausage is worst. I'll try to get hold of a tin Berliners :)

However an Amsterdammertje: if whats left in the bottle is too little for a decent glass the barman pours it in and gives it for free :-)


Geof Huth said...


Frankfurters are also sausages here in the US, tho a particular type of fairly bland sausage that we call a hotdog. And wurst is a common word that we understand in American English without translation as well. So a pun towards "worst" (with a different meaning in English) is a common enough one here. But I've never heard of a type of sausage called a Berliner (tho we do have a type of short pasty sausage called Vienna sausages). I believe you that they exist. But the Berliner's I'm familiar with are goo-filled pastries!