Monday, December 27, 2004

nuung being (qbdp # 39)

Ah, yes, I am behind. On December 9th, while I was in Chicago O'Hare, I decided to put together a quick, simple, and fairly boring set of fidgetglyph cards, each card fixed to the back of a postcard of a Paul Graubard painting. I was quick with the cards, but my time was short, so I had to mail them the next day from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Geof Huth, "nuung being" (qbdp # 39)
(9 Dec 2004)

The lucky recipients of this mailing are as follows:

1/7 Ruth and Marvin Sackner

2/7 Bob Grumman

3/7 Roy Arenella

4/7 Ruud Janssen

5/7 Reed Altemus

6/7 Ficus strangulensis

7/7 qbdp

un violon d'ingres

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