Saturday, January 01, 2005

Electronic Impulses from the Postcard

Mick Boyle's printer has been malfunctioning (or at least it was in the middle of December when he sent me this card), so he's converted his mailing to jpegs, which he emailed to me.

Thus we have emailart, but I find the method of Mick's mailings interesting given their content. These pieces arrived in my email in box as attachments, but they are mere avatars of their corporeal forms--forms they may never see. Think of it this way: Mick has designed this card to be printed and mailed; instead, it arrives as electronic copies of a hardcopy version that never existed. The electronic transmission is merely for convenience. Unlike, say, the kinetic e-postcards of Clemente Padin, these don't require electronic transmission.

Yet we are still left with beautiful typographical design by Mick Boyle. And the reader of the blog might never know these arrived electronically--except for my words here and the obviously false cancellation stamp on the card.

Mick Boyle, Sumo wrestler postcard (11 Dec 2004)

Mick Boyle, Back of sumo wrestler postcard (11 Dec 2004)

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