Saturday, January 01, 2005

Ells Inversed on a Field Dapple

Ruud Janssen sends me another of his painted mailings. These are always wonderfully colorful and tactile, and I am thrilled whenever a real painting arrives in the mail from Ruud.

I probably should have included a copy of the reverse of this card (which gives us its number, 04-406), since Ruud has already posted the painting on his blog. Mailartists are still trying to figure out how blogging changes mailart.

Ruud Janssen, "04-406" (Dec 2004)

un violon d'ingres


Ruud Janssen said...

Hi Geoff,

Nice to see the card made it to you.

Liked the name you gave it....

best wishes,


Ruud Janssen said...


Your metal card arrived and is published on my blog now.....

Thanks so much! Like it very much!


Geof Huth said...


Glad to hear all of this. Nice job with your card! And I like the title I gave it as well.