Monday, January 17, 2005

The First Klediment: "quincelt" (qbdp # 42)

The opening of Roy Arenella's last letter to me convinced me to make a simple card for the beginning of the year. His message?

Usually I like the unfinished or more ephemeral appeal of things but I do like the year-end "complete package" feeeling of the last qbdp (#41) of 2004.


But I like just as well the simpler, more off-hand feeling of things like the ballpoint-drawn glyphs on plain cardboard stock. "Work with what you've got where you are" would be a good Visualist motto.

Somehow, this note reminded me of the existence of my never-published proto-fidgetglyphs, Klediments Grandma Quilted out of the Things of Her House, each klediment of which takes the word "quilt" and wraws another word into it. I wrote these back in the 1980s, and they never caught anyone's imagination (besides, apparently mine). So I bring them back now because I think my little mailart cards are often too simple, but Roy does not necessarily believe so.

The unsuspecting recipients of "quincelt" (qbdp # 42) are as follows:

1/10 Ruth and Marvin Sackner

2/10 Bob Grumman

3/10 Roy Arenella

4/10 kiyotei

5/10 Scott McDonald

6/10 Mick Boyle

7/10 j0llyr0ger

8/10 Jassy Lupa

9/10 Bob Brueckl

10/10 qbdp

For anyone missing out on this ancient fidgetglyph, have no fear. I'll probably release others into the world later this year. A klediment, after all, is a regional term for "something treasured."

un violon d'ingres


kiyotei said...

Got your postcard today. Me likez.
Okay I'll take a stab at it, but I'm not as great a cryptographer as you are my friend. I believe this klediment is a combination of the word "quilt" wrawn around "quince." The quince is a mighty symbol which Pliny believed to be protection from the influence of the evil eye. Other legends connect the fruit to ancient Greek mythology and it can be seen in the paintings and mosaics of Pompeii, where it is usually seen in the paws of a bear. Another word possibly wrapped inside might be "celt."

Well that's my best shot . . . I'll take "Medieval Fashion for $500, Alex!"

Geof Huth said...


Geez, you've reminded me that I've forgotten to scan and post an image of this card! I'd better get on it.

And your best shot was perfect: quilt and quince. And the history lesson is much appreciated.