Sunday, January 16, 2005

Four Portraits, Four Media

Jassy Lupa sent me, on the last day of last year, a thin card upon with the dark face of a man is printed (portrait 1). But I like the other side better, since it comes with a colorful self-portrait of Lupa (# 2) painted and penned to the reverse of the postcard, a hand-carved rubberstamping of a man's face in purple (# 3), and a stamp with a profile of our first president, George Washington (# 4).

Jassy Lupa, Card and Self-Portrait (31 Dec 2004)

un violon d'ingres


jassy lupa said...

I had totally forgotten about that little sketch on the back of the card. Glad you got it though. Why not send me something in return?

Geof Huth said...


I mailed something ( out to you today!