Monday, January 17, 2005

geometric email postcard art design card

Mick Boyle continues to experience problems with his printer, so he sends me his cards electronically, both the front

Mick Boyle, Obverse of "The Geometry of Huth" (15 Jan 2005)

and the back

Mick Boyle, Reverse of "The Geometry of Huth" (15 Jan 2005)

I loved the geofhuthqbdp design so much that I have incorporated it as the logo for this site (as opposed to the logo for me, which is currently a postage stamp with the name "HUTH" perforated into it). Another great card from Mick Boyle, who doesn't fail to surprise and delight.

un violon d'ingres

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Ruud Janssen said...

Yes, Mich made a beautiful logo there. Fit for a first page. Enjoyed it also a lot. A nice sample of visual art!