Monday, January 17, 2005

Not an Iota of an Idea of Nota in Geof

In this most recent mailing of Roy Arenella's, he writes, "Sometimes I can't believe how slow I am--in things that should be important to me." Well, he is not alone.

Late last year, Roy sent me a couple of versions of a little visual poem he was working on. Somehow, I could recognize the letters in the poem, yet I could not see the obvious word they spelled out! (which is "iNotA" to me and "NOTA" to Roy. Take a look at this version he included in the current mailing:

Roy Arenella, "iNotA" (7 Jan 2005)

The piece is only better, now that I can read it! But, boy, is this embarrassing. It's amazing how long a mind sometimes needs to perceive the obvious.

In this package from Roy, he also included a few Samurai Global Co mini-notebooks (thanks for those!), which "visual writers love to love," a meaty letter (which reminds me I need to write a bit about Japanese visual poetry), and a little gift of visual writing for me:

Roy Arenella, "Radio g" (21 Dec 2004)

This mailing from Roy is # 18L+E (the eighteenth mailing, consisting of a letter and enclosures).

un violon d'ingres


Anonymous said...

I used to be Roy Arenella's sister-in-law. I think that I got one of his earliest mail-art postcards. Back in the early 70's, I used to stay at my home in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and we would write to each other. He sent me a black-and-white photo of a delivery truck with the word MOON written on it.

Catherine Sherwood

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy,
This is a shocker! I'm glad to see that you are looking at Geof's blog, but also pleased that you remember those early mailings. The boat painted on rock is on my worktable right now.
Hope you are well
r0y (PS, if you haven't already, see for photo of the Cape Breton house.)

Geof Huth said...


Glad you found Roy here. The picture you guys are talking about appears to be on this page

It's one of three that appears in a little slideshow on this page.

Take care.


Anonymous said...


I found the picture of the Cape Breton house. I am now living in Albuquerque - working from home - and near to Nick and his son James. I left Jessica back in NYC, but I get back often to see her. My email is