Monday, January 17, 2005

Stencilled Mouth

This is my second card from Bob Brueckl created upon a blank piece of 140-pound Strathmore watercolor card, a mailart medium I sometimes use as well. Again, I'm still working on the interpretation of this card, not knowing Bob makes it a bit harder. The image itself on the obverse of the card

Bob Brueckl, "MOUTH PiECE" (4 Jan 2005)

suggests a pun: not just a mouthpiece used to make sound with a wind instrument, but also some piece (written or said) that uses or suggests words and sounds. On the reverse of the card, Bob has inscribed this message (once again with letter stencils):


Remarkably, it appears that Brueckl knows how to pronounce my name: "Huth" rhymes with "Truth." But what to make of the message itself? Is he referring to my occasional discussions of the orality of visual poetry? Is he referring to my writings on visual poetry in general?

The mystery continues.

un violon d'ingres

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