Saturday, January 01, 2005

A Thanks for a Thanks

Every year for the past eighteen, my family has created and mailed out homemade holiday cards under the rubric eXmaSscard. Although I consider these part of a long ongoing mailart project, I don't treat it as such and I rarely sends these out to mailart correspondents. I did send this year's card off to Roy Arenella and his wife Martine.

Roy enjoyed the card and send the following "maximal thanks" in return. Little need for that. Roy has filled my mailbox with beautiful tiny pieces of art for most of last year.

Roy Arenella, "For Deep Snow Deepened" (25 Dec 2004)

The "front" of this card, which holds the address, is decorated with a 13-cent Christmas stamp, a 2-cent red-headed woodpecker stamp, and a 22-cent public hospital stamp. This combination of stamps was required by Roy's need to use the Christmas stamp, illustrated with a mailbox filled with small packages, since he wrote this message on Christmas day. This card is numbered 517C.

un violon d'ingres

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