Saturday, January 01, 2005

Visual TV Poem Boys

Responding to an earlier blog posting, Luc Fierens sent me a bounty of small publications, all of which I'll review later at dbqp.

As a Boy is a small book of verbo-visual collages, most of them built upon a foundation of dictionary entries.

Visual Poetry: Mail-Artproject is the catalog of a mailart show of visual poetry. It is filled with interesting work.

Luc Fierens, "Visual Poetry: Mail-artproject" (2002)

Full TV Poems is the book that began it all. Its cover image of a woman whose face is covered wtih a hyper-illustrated half-circle engendered a micro-discussion by me about the limits of the definition of visual poetry. (Luc includes in his mailing--in true mailar fashion--a few artists' reworkings of his image.) The book itself is filled with numerous collages examining the world of TV culture.

More later, at dbqp.

un violon d'ingres

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