Friday, January 28, 2005

The Vlope and the Rainbows

Fike sent me another package of mailart. I liked this envelope (with the flapper photo and the butterfly + art rubberstamping) and the "Rainbow Skin" card, so I decided to present these to the public. Fike's note mentions that he's pining for warmer weather, but I wonder if he's experienced weeks of temperatures in the negatives as we're getting here in Schenectady. (It is negative 3 degrees Fahrenheit here as I write this.)

Fike's note also includes a list of recent mailart showing that he (astoundingly enough) received two bits of mail from Schenectady on the same day: one from me and one from Alan Catlin, a poet who lives a couple of blocks from me--but whom I've never met, though we have written each other. Years ago, Alan explained that he worked nights, which kept us from meeting, but Fike's list of mailart includes an entry listing Alan's retirement from his tavern work.

Ficus strangulensis,
Envelope and "Rainbow Skin" (12 & 7 Jan 2005)

un violon d'ingres

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