Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Epistolary Essays of Roy Arenella

Roy Arenella occasionally sends me a letter instead of a postcards, and each letter of his is a weird cache of information, a wondrous congeries of insights.

The last is from the end of January, and it includes (among its riches) an actual letter--this one about the use of sound in visual poetry. On the back of each sheet of the letter, there resides a visualization of some kind, in this case verbally-restricted, visually-enhanced visual poems. Following these, is a handful of visual essays, like this one:

Roy Arenella, "Slaying the poetry Beast" (26 Apr 200)

These essays make Roy one of the few people writing visual essays. (I now write one a month and post it to my dbqp blog, though I'm not sure anyone realizes I'm doing it.)

The letter also includes envelope A (filled with eighteen postcards) and envelope B (containing a note from February 4th and the essay "Of Language and Writing and the Desire to Turn from Them" by Henri Michaux--which is one way Roy's carries on the conversations I direct outward from dbqp).

Roy's letter begins for me with his envelope, this one decorated with extra notes, rubberstampings, and fifteen different postage stamps, each one different, and most from different eras in US postage.

un violon d'ingres

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