Monday, March 07, 2005

The First Ever Official Manifesto to Escape from Roy Arenella's Notebooks and Enter the Great World Outside

After being revealed over at dbqp, Roy Arenella decided to send me his artistic manifesto. It is a brief manifesto (being but four letters long), yet it expresses quite a bit.

It is a manifesto about poetry. We know this because the word it forms is, basically, "POEM." It is a manifesto that focuses our attention on the importance of little differences: the thick P to the gibbous O to the & that stands in for an E to the outlined M. It is manifesto about the power of minimalism.

Roy Arenella, "One-Word Manifesto" (22 Feb 2005)

The card that this arrives on is # 61C (a card that happens to be Roy's sixty-first mailing of the year). In the pseudo-cancellation mark (or shadow-postage-stamp), Roy has rubberstamped the tiniest weightlifter standing and holding a huge set of weights above his head. The power of the small.

un violon d'ingres

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