Sunday, March 06, 2005

From Greenwich, in the Meantime

On Nancy's and my twenty-first wedding anniversary, at just about the time (4:50 pm) that we arrived in Cambridge, New York (not one of the famous Cambridges), Roy Arenella mailed us the following photocard from Greenwich, New York (not the famous Greenwich, and Roy's Greenwich is pronounced "Green Witch"). The strange coincidence—except it is not so much a coincidence, since Roy knew where I'd be that day—is that Nancy and I were separated from Roy at that point in time by only about eight and a half miles, or fifteen minutes of driving. The card, of course, headed off to the slightly more distant Schenectady, New York (the only one in the world).

Roy Arenella, "21!" (11 Feb 2005)

The pseudo-cancellation mark for this card—which, strangely, appears on the opposite side from the stamps themselves—includes no image within it, but is numbered "50something." The title of this blog entry is taken from Roy's simple message on the back of the card.

un violon d'ingres

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