Sunday, March 27, 2005

Hoedown in Asemiaville

Early this month, I received from kiyotei a card, the front of which consists of an aerial view of the colorful flower fields around Carlsbad, California, including an accurate US flag "depicted using flowers entirely." On the back appears "binado," an asemic text of kiyoteian delicacy.

kiyotei, "binado" (February 2005)

I am assuming that "binado" means "hoe" in this case, since that is what a "binador" is, but, hey, I don't know all the Spanish I should. If you work through this text, in red and green, you will run across shapes that suggest each letter of "binado," so maybe this is but a faux-asemic text. Yet these letters and pairs of letters are scattered through our field of vision, suggesting the work of the hoe to tear apart the red earth and allow the appropriate green to flourish.

un violon d'ingres


kiyotei said...

I thought "puta" meant hoe!

Actually it doesn't mean anything. Just a combination of word fragments that sounded good for some reason.

BUT - I like your discription much better than reality!

Thanks for your insightful and excellent postings - see you in the mails!

Geof Huth said...

Creo que si, amigo. Pero todos los otros no pueden hablar la idioma espanola.


kiyotei said...

Ja ziemlich zutreffend mein Mithandwerker. Sind wir dann sprechende Zungen in der Backe?

Geof Huth said...

C'est vrai, mon frere.