Sunday, March 06, 2005

What Cut of Beef is Each Famous Mailartist of the Present and the Past?

For some reason, at one point last month all my mailart mail was coming from Ruud Janssen, and the latest piece in this series was this envelope illustrated with the outline of a green bull, divided in a humorous manner into various cuts of beef, each identified by the name of a famous mailartist. Oh, to be Bill Gaglione! and have the greatest honor of all. As Jonathan Richman knew, girls could not resist Picasso's stare.

Ruud Janssen, Mailart Bull Envelope (Feb 2005)

Inside this envelope, Ruud has included four sheets for me to add rubberstampings to before mailing them off to others, in the hopes that eventually this sheet will make it to the Archive of the Administrative Center in Belgium. We will see. What Ruud might not know is that I used to create a number of handcarved rubberstamp visual poems--so at least I have something to work with!

un violon d'ingres

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