Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Long Trip to the Present

I have spent a good part of the day trying to catch up with this blog, not planning to catch up, just hoping to make a dent. Over the course of the afternoon and evening, I added seven entries about mailart received (all dated today), six entries about mailart sent (each dated the date of the original sending but currently without illustration, which I'll add later), and one entry explaining what I've done (this one). All fourteen of these entries appear on the top webpage of this blog as of 1 May 2005, but as soon as I add an entry later than today, the pages will begin to slip into the lower pages and out of sight.

So if you want to catch up yourself and want to do it in the easiest way possible, do it soon. By the way any entry after April 4th, I added today.

un violon d'ingres

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