Saturday, August 06, 2005

John Evans Incarnate (Wait, He Already is Incarnate!)

Angela Genusa send me a "larger collage out of which came" the first postcard she sent me, and I immediately recognized "La Mujer 'X'." But I also recognized that Angela is very definitely--and intentionally--copying the collage-cum-painting style of the collagist John Evans. When I visited her blog (the deliciously titled "Chopped Livre") recently, I noticed that she is making a number of these collages. I'll be interested in seeing where she goes with this project.

un violon d'ingres


michael said...

I dont quite see the point of this plaguerism? Doesnt she have any ideas of her own?

Geof Huth said...


Plagiarism? Is that an issue for mailartists? Often mailart is about the appropriation of other's works. Would you call this by Ruud Janssen plagiarism?

She's just experimenting with someone else's style--and doing a remarkably good job at it. And this is only one of her current styles, so she has her own ideas.


Anonymous said...

Appropriation artists

Artists who have appropriated, sampled or borrowed elements of pre-existing work for use in new work:

* Cory Arcangel
* Georges Braque
* Elina Brotherus
* Glenn Brown
* Stephen Bull
* Jake and Dinos Chapman
* Stephen Collis
* Eric Doeringer
* Marcel Duchamp
* Benjamin Edwards
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* Cindy Sherman
* Elaine Sturtevant
* Jim Stone
* Kelley Walker
* Andy Warhol

See also

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