Saturday, August 06, 2005

mail art art mail

Jonathan Stangroom, whom I met last month at a reading in Somerville, Massachusetts, and who is himself from Somerville, sends his first mailing ever to me (that is, the first mailing he's ever sent to me). He starts off with a perfectly rendered rubberstamped address, the best I've ever seen. Inside, he includes a little add-and-pass sheet and an interesting collaged booket by Mark Greenfield and him entitled "mail art."

Mark Greenfield and Jonathan Stangroom, mail art, center spread (2005)

un violon d'ingres


Jonathan said...

Geof... first mailing to you... but obviously I've been at this for a while... Thanks for the posting...

Geof Huth said...


Of course, you have been. But I thought it was clear in context that this was the first ever mailing to me. I'll figure out how to rephrase!


Jonathan said...

Not really important...
Thanks for posting the image.
Mark and I have been collaborating for years... most often broadsides.
A booklet now and then, with Michael Leigh as well, (that'd be the three of us).
This time Mark and I went for text in black and white... passed back and forth until we think it's done... or we're sick of it.
I've met them both individualy, but last time we visited Michael , Hazel and Archie, Mark came around.
Evidence to follow.