Saturday, October 08, 2005

Huths and Huthing

The title above is my own translation of the phrase "Hats and Archives" (where "Huth" is understood to be nothing more than the older German spelling of the word "hat" and where archives is what one Huth does). Roy Arenella sends me the card below (which is from the National Archives) and sticks a 20-cent stamp National Archives stamp of Abe Lincoln in a tall hat and George Washington--so he has hats and archives on both sides of the card.

Roy Arenella, "Hats & Archives" (31 Aug 2005)

This card is # 164cc (one of the c's of which means "card," but what about the other c?). Roy also corrects the number of the last card, which he explains should have been 162pc--where "pc" does stand for "postal card--instead of uspc.

un violon d'ingres

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