Thursday, November 17, 2005

Indecisive, so a Plethora

Meghan Marx, "Puzzled from indecisive feelings" (12 Oct 2005)

This card by Meghan Marx is much more complicated in construction than it appears to be at first. The card has separated during transit allowing me the opportunity to open it up and examine its innards. The skeleton of the card consists of a stiff piece of non-corrugated cardboard (and a panda--beside a patch of bamboo and all before a green field--decorate this shiny piece of cardboard). On the back of this card, Meghan has glued a piece of brown paper, but (most fun of all) she has taped a piece of purple plastic bag to the face of the card, cut lines through the bag, and threaded three strips of yellow paper (each with a line of my wife's address) through these slots.

Separately, she has glued together colorful rectangles of paper into a larger rectangle and covered these with strips of paper that spell out a story, a poem, a conversation about Thursday, which is the theme of her mailart card. This entire piece of the card she originally glued to the shiny face of the stiff card, but the glue has dried and released this colorful flap of paper, which now swings on a hinge of cellophane tape away from its other half.

un violon d'ingres

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