Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Pair of Single

Kelley Imbody, "We all sing the songs of separation" (7 Oct 2005) and Theresa Henry, "And we watch our lives bleed out through our hands" (7 Oct 2005)
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Sometimes the famous Dutch mailartist Ruud Janssen places two envelopes side by side and paints a single painting across the face of both. Kelley Imbody and Theresa Henry appear to have been influenced by Janssen, since they each have designed separate cards that fit together into one. The backside of the card is white and covered with glitter and lyrics from songs of Thursday, a band they like and also one of the themes the class chose for this mailart project. The other sides of the cards match each other quite well but do not form a single image as this side does, making these cards completely of a piece and completely separate (depending on one's literal point of view).

un violon d'ingres

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