Monday, November 13, 2006

A Circular Rectangle

Circulaire 132 # 7, Page 2 (October 2006)

It's been a while since I've received anything from the great RF Côté of Québec, Québec—of course, that's only because I didn't send him anything for many months. And it is wonderful to receive mailart from reg again. What an imagination and what style he has. Today, I received in the mail a copy of Circulaire 132 # 7, which is something like an assembling, but reg stitches together the various pieces received from artists from all over the globe.

There is plenty of beautiful stuff here: an interesting (and short) article on V-Mail (written in French, of course), complete with illustrations, scads of artist stamps (including one by Renée Wagemans that resembles a small piece of chainmail), a little advertisement for this blog (complete with logo by Mick Boyle), a little poetry booklet produced by Richard Hansen (part of his Poems-for-All series), a little comic printed in color, a couple of collages, one of the spliced photos produced by Dan (of Portland, Oregon), and announcements on mailart projects. This is what a mailart zine is supposed to be!

un violon d'ingres

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RF Côté (reg) said...


Glad you liked the last issue of CIRCULAIRE132. Hope to see you participate for the next number. Stuff is already coming in for the Nov-Dec issue. Don't worry for the long time you did not send anything, me too I've been quite slow at returning mail. I am undertaking a major change in my life, so, mailart was pushed aside for a little while (except for CIRCULAIRE132). Will soon come back at FULL speed. Cheers!