Monday, November 13, 2006

A Circular Rectangle

Circulaire 132 # 7, Page 2 (October 2006)

It's been a while since I've received anything from the great RF Côté of Québec, Québec—of course, that's only because I didn't send him anything for many months. And it is wonderful to receive mailart from reg again. What an imagination and what style he has. Today, I received in the mail a copy of Circulaire 132 # 7, which is something like an assembling, but reg stitches together the various pieces received from artists from all over the globe.

There is plenty of beautiful stuff here: an interesting (and short) article on V-Mail (written in French, of course), complete with illustrations, scads of artist stamps (including one by Renée Wagemans that resembles a small piece of chainmail), a little advertisement for this blog (complete with logo by Mick Boyle), a little poetry booklet produced by Richard Hansen (part of his Poems-for-All series), a little comic printed in color, a couple of collages, one of the spliced photos produced by Dan (of Portland, Oregon), and announcements on mailart projects. This is what a mailart zine is supposed to be!

un violon d'ingres


At 3:37 PM, November 19, 2006, Blogger RF Côté (reg) said...


Glad you liked the last issue of CIRCULAIRE132. Hope to see you participate for the next number. Stuff is already coming in for the Nov-Dec issue. Don't worry for the long time you did not send anything, me too I've been quite slow at returning mail. I am undertaking a major change in my life, so, mailart was pushed aside for a little while (except for CIRCULAIRE132). Will soon come back at FULL speed. Cheers!


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