Thursday, November 16, 2006


David B. Herriman, "An Outer Space Fish Ghost" (Jun 2006)

Last week at work, the postcard above appeared in my mailbox. What I find remarkable about this is that the card is not addressed to me--isn't, actually, addressed to any specific person--yet someone decided I was the person best to accept this correspondence. I never speak about mailart at work, and only occasionally about visual poetry, but somehow I became the recipient of this card. Good enough.

David B. Herriman, Note (6 Nov 2006)

It is an interesting card. Both the image on the front and the message on the back are mass-produced photocopies. Only the woefully inaccurate address is handmade. Yet, despite this mass production, the whole card reads just like a piece of mailart. Possibly without knowing it, David Herriman has become a mailartist, sending off these quirky cards making weird scientific claims.

un violon d'ingres

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