Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Mailartist is Born

Jay Stribling, "Day After Guy Fawkes' Day 2006" (6 Nov 2006)
Jay Stribling, whom I've never met--along with his brother and my friend from college, Dees Stribling--are obsessed with correspondence, specifically postcards. Dees has mailed me literally hundreds of postcards over the years, and in the past couple I've begun to mail Dees postcards at quick clip as well.

But Jay I don't know. I've corresponded with him, but in a weird way, sending him messages about as personal as the one above from him. But I love his handwriting, his clear intelligence, and his interest in minute detail. And this weekend, I decided that his type of correspondence is clearly a form of mailart. He just doesn't know it, and he might not even know what mailart is. Yet here I have made him a mailartist.

un violon d'ingres

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