Saturday, December 02, 2006

Flying Mailboxes

RF Côté, Flying Postbox Collage (27 Nov 2006)

I'm happy to report that I received a new piece of mailart from Reg. All mannet of mailboxes appear on the card, flying in formation. And if you look closely, you'll note that an artist's stamp is pasted on top of this image, a stamp that reproduces in miniature the postboxes flying already away.

un violon d'ingres


William A. e a gravura said...

Mail Art Call

Theme: Letter
Technique: Free
Deadline: 05/06/07
The mail art will be post in site:

Send to:
William A.
Rua do Mulungú, s/n
46830-000 Andaraí BA

belinha said...

Hello dear blogger!
I'm asking your kind support for my stamp proposal to national Portuguese Post Office contest! It's a collage aimed for kids!
All I need is your vote. Click to vote. Insert your email and press ENVIAR.Then validate the vote when you get an email. It may go to your spam box.(Hotmail does not work)Vote if you like, spread the word if you can!Thank you very much!

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kiyotei & aimee said...

Capt. Reg is a genious.