Monday, July 23, 2007

A Tin of Ideas (qbdp # 154, Film Clips # 5)

The following is the documentation included in each of the twenty-three issues of Film Clips # 5, produced by Geof Huth and endwar on 22 July 2007 and officially released and published on 23 July 2007. The edition was distributed as follows: a through k to Geof, and l through w to endwar.

Film Clips # 5
A Self-Destructing Compilation of Cultural
Iconography and Mail Art, or
The Nidifier’s Nictation Enhanced

what is this about this about?

A can of mailart condensed for one’s enjoyment, a collection of leftovers transformed into a main course, Film Clips presents clippings from the recorded world for use by the lonely.

what inside of this can there be?

In a can of peppermints emblazoned with cartoon characters from Peanuts, you will find a reproduction of a Peanuts cartoon on translucent paper; an orange sticker imploring you to “QUIT GRIPING! JOIN TWUA”; a photographic slide found in Syracuse, New York in 1987; a flat piece of white cardboard stamped with the address of Geo. J. Huth (using his address stamp from the 1960s) and backed with a found UPC label, which is identical in every instance; two transfer labels of George Washington, an airplane, a ship, or an African lion; a washer found in the parking lot of JFK Airport in 2004; a small oval gummed label ringed with red; a small piece of leather from a wallet of Geof Huth’s; a pwoermd card (“WH( )LE”) by endwar; a single feather of a ring-necked pheasant; a copy of the micro-chapbook “sight” by endwar; a short strip of audiotape; and a piece of film with one letter in 72pt Bauhaus Light, each letter representing the letter of its particular copy of Film Clips.

whose this creation this made?

The of this canazine is Ge(of Huth), long-time editor, few-time editor. This time, taking part in the production is endwar, mnmlst poet, who provided the cans, the comics that came with the cans, the booklets, the WH( )LE, and the magnetic poems on the inside of the lids of the cans.

addresses of con-conspirators

ge(of huth), 875 Central Parkway, Schenectady, New York 12309 USA
endwar, pob 891, athens, ohio 45701

qbdp # 154 23 July 2007 ltr

un violon d'ingres