Thursday, November 22, 2018

“there ıs üs” (qbdp # 402)

Compass Landing Apartments, Newport, NC

After many years, I have finally revived my mailart “press” (after figuring out the last number of these I had released), and here is the simplest card ever, or almost ever. These I have created on the backs of the long postcards bearing paintings by Francisco de Zurbarán. 

These cards will go out to the following people: 

1. Marvin Sackner
2. Roy Arenella
3. RF Côté
4. Márton Koppány
5. richard canard
6. Ryosuke Cohen
7. DC Spaulding
8. Dees Stribling
9. Jay Stribling
10. qbdp

un violin d’ingreôté

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