Sunday, August 29, 2004

Fist 1/2 V J S TT Fist (qbdp # 24)

My daughter Erin is leaving for Ireland for the semester in less than a week, so the family drove out to Caroga Lake in the middle of the day and spent the afternoon and early evening there. While there, I took the time to put together a simple postcard. Using four postcards I have of Munich (where Nancy, Erin, and I spent part of the summer of 1985), I used rubberstamps to creatd a simpld directional visual poem (in two colors: black and green).

The cards each had a different view of Munich and were of different sizes as well. Two of the cards include views of the Deutsches Museum, which Nancy proclaims is the most boring museum in the world. She may be right.

A couple of the postcards also provide a view of the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady), Munich's cathedral, with its twin onion-domed spires, each with its own clock.

Frauenkirche, Munich, Germany

These are the recipients of "Fist 1/2 V J S TT Fist":

1/4 Ruth and Marvin Sackner (Nr. 129a, with a general view of Munich that included the two spires of the cathedral)

2/4 Bob Grumman (Nr 294, "Blick auf Deutsches Museum")

3/4 Roy Arenella (Nr 71, "Deutsches Museum mit den neuen Studiengebadden")

4/4 qbdp (Nr 134, The Cathedral)

Geof Huth, "Fist 1/2 V J S TT Fist" (29 Aug 2004)

un violon d'ingres

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