Sunday, August 01, 2004

gnail | finjer | thumn (qbdp # 17)

Still Point, Garlock Road, Caroga Lake, New York

My son, daughter and I arrived at this camp in the Adirondacks very early this morning, not too long after midnight. So we slept here last night but didn't spend a minute of last night here. This is the reason I put together this little card this afternoon, instead of yestereve.

For this mailing, I'm using a postal card that already carries two cents of postage, but I decided not to go to the trouble of adding just 21 cents of postage to each card. Many years ago, the Mid-Hudson Valley Joint Board (an umbrella group for a number of textile workers unions) mimeographed a form letter on the back of these inviting their members to a meeting. However, I filled in the date of the meeting as "no more," since I don't expect them to be holding meetings at 103 Broadway, Newburgh, New York, anymore.

Onto the reverse of this card, I wrew a fidgetglyph that looks reasonable in its original version, but I didn't quite get it right (or write) for any of these cards. However, by wrawing this glyph twice we can now imagine that two hands are holding the card as we read it.

These are the recipients of "gnail | finjer | thumn":

1/7 Ruth and Marvin Sackner

2/7 Bob Grumman

3/7 Roy Arenella

4/7 kiyotei

5/7 Ficus strangulensis

6/7 Matthew Shindell

7/7 qbdp

Geof Huth, "gnail | finjer | thumn"

un violon d'ingres

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