Saturday, August 28, 2004

Roy Explains Himself

Roy Arenella sends me a small photocard reproducing a photograph of a "Mailbox in Vermont" with its door rested open and tall weeds growing around it. The picture is from 1 August 2004, so he apparently took this picture while on vacation in Vermont.

Roy Arenella, "Mailbox in Vermont" (1 Aug 2004)

Roy explains his mailing (which I've deconstructed here) in this way:

The last sentence on yesterday's card ("Art does not exist, Ben") should have read "In no way do I mean to imply an hierarchical judgment, but--this is central to my idea--only to help recognize the predisposition of the sender."

Of course. And clear enough. Roy explains how the verbo-visual datum on the front of the card echoes the explanatory text on the reverse. Something I had forgotten to point out yesterday!

The card received today is mailing # 368 p/c ("p/c" for "photo/card"). Roy sent a photo of a mailbox because he is writing about correspondence--the topic we're working on is the ratios of correspondence to art that can exist in mailart. He stresses the concept of mail by including a rubberstamping of a U.S. mail receptacle inside his traditional pseudo-cancellation. Also, he has taken a standard "FAXED" rubberstamp, from which he has removed the a and the e, replacing them with an i and an e, so that he can stamp onto this card the word "FiXed," which is what this card of his has done: clarify his last card.

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