Saturday, October 23, 2004

Arses and Sequences

Michael's Arses

Yesterday, I received a couple of cards, the first from long-time mailartist, Michael Leigh. He sends a very humorous and Pythonesque (or Gilliamesque) postcard. The image on this postcard is his own, apparently printed for free by boomerang ("the UK's leading lifestyle and youth media solutions company"--making me wonder how many companies meeting this description exist in that country). The company distributes this and other cards by students "around hundreds of universities all over the UK."

Michael Leigh, "The Arses of Scotland"
from The Beautiful Britain Series (2004?)

But Michael didn't send me his address. I think I have his old London address somewhere, but that's it. So, Michael, send details of your whereabouts.

Boyle and the dbqpnacci Sequence

Mick Boyle continues to experiment with the possibilities of the dbqpnacci sequence, and he reports (in a curvilinear note), "I could be endlessly facinated by four letters." On the obverse, Mick fiddles with "dbqp," allowing the ascenders of the large d and b and the descenders of the small q and p to cross, suggesting almost a human face.

Mick Boyle, "dbqp" (postcard's obverse, 20 Oct 2004)

On the obverse, we find a blue young man, who is sporting the popular qbdp tattoo on his right arm. But look behind him: that swirling lacy pattern is actually created from qbdp and dpqb repeated and linked together.

Mick Boyle, "qbdp" (postcard's reverse, 20 Oct 2004)

un violon d'ingres

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michael said...

Glad the postcard arrived o.k.geof. I am a great Monty Python fan and Gilliams as well ofcourse so flattered to be mentioned in the same breath! I will have to send you the ohter two if I can find them. My new address is - 33, Shipbrook road, Rudheath, Cheshire, CW9 7EX U.K.