Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Maine Man

This week, I received from Reed Altemus yet another stylish neo-fluxus envelope. His mailings are among the most precise and quietly beautiful that I receive.

The envelope is a larger one in his usual tan (not the common orange) and it is decorated with a few rubberstampings in brown: an INTERNATIONAL POSTAL ART STAR pseudo-cancellation (complete with a hammer and sickle), a Post Flux Flux Post crossroads stamping, and a quizzical stamping of a strangely mammalian beetle hunkered down, staring at us, and with its rearend and wings pointing up into the air.

Reed Altemus, [October's Envelope] (Oct 2004)

This time, the contents of the envelope are simple:

A thermoprinted card (with raised lettering): EVERYTHING THAT IS PRINTED IS GOOD (Dieter Roth)

"Another Postal Surrealist Freakout Poem" with a weirdly indistinct cover I quite like that includes bits of an advertisement for "The world's most / Comfortable Chair."
un violon d'ingres

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