Thursday, March 31, 2005

Cuttings and Dottings (Scrapmail # 2, qbdp # 46)

Holiday Inn Express, Room 321, Poughkeepsie, New York

I haven't hit the road in over a month, during which time I've accumulated a number of debts to other mailartists, so tonight (really, this morning) I created a fairly large edition of an issue of qbdp: eleven. This time, I once again used a collection of cards carved out of the dead bodies of failed calligraphic visual poems. Usually, I would add a little fidgetglyph to the reverse of the cards, and the title of that poem would serve double duty as the title of the issue of qbdp. But this time, the recipients of these cards had to settle for a hurriedly written note. Each number of these is distinguished by a small yellow dot of ink I added last night (a bit before midnight hit. This is the first item in qbdp without a title (save "Scrapmail # 2" and "qbdp # 46").

The multitudinous recipients of these anonymous cards are as follows:

1/11 (C1) Ruth and Marvin Sackner

2/11 (C2) Bob Grumman

3/11 (C3) Roy Arenella

4/11 (C4) Ruud Janssen

5/11 (D1) kiyotei

6/11 (D2) frips

7/11 (D3) Pierpaolo Limongelli

8/11 (D4) R. F. Côté

9/11 (E1) Jassy Lupa

10/11 (E2) Erin Huth

11/11 (E3) qbdp

And here are pictures of each of the cards, with the sets put together to show the complete image each series makes.

Geof Huth, Scrapmail # 2, C1-C4 (31 Mar 2005)

Geof Huth, Scrapmail # 2, D1-D4 (31 Mar 2005)

Geof Huth, Scrapmail # 2, E1-E3 (31 Mar 2005)

un violon d'ingres