Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Archives of American Mailart (qbdp # 116)

qbdp # 116, "arcH'IVE" (26 Oct 2006)

Westin Governor Morris, Room 401, Morristown, New Jersey
Today, I drove with a carload of people to the fall meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (of which I'm the chair). Although I had a long day of meetings (from 2 pm until 10 pm, with just enough of a break for a jaunt out for dinner), I did end up wrawing a few fidgetglyphs appropriate for the occasion. Late at night, I took one these, affixed it to six postcards of watercolor paper, and used my new portable watercolor set to create my first mailart using watercolors. A pretty little thing (to my eye, at least).

The lucky recipients of this small mailing of "arHI'VE" (qbdp # 116) were as follows:

1. Ruth and Marvin Sackner

2. Bob Grumman

3. Roy Arenella

4. Dan Waber

5. RF Côté

6. qbdp

Since I created the image on the front of this postcard, I saved the back for personalized messages, and I actually wrote a real note (rather than a dashed one) to each recipient (save, of course, the faux recipient, qbdp).

un violon d'ingres

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