Monday, October 23, 2006

Seeing in the Dark (qbdp # 115)

qbdp # 115, "S23N" (23 Oct 2006)

Marriott New York at the Brooklyn Bridge, Room 1514, Brooklyn, New York

Today was a busy day. We had a big event at work, I had to leave that as it was ending to catch a train that ended up being late, so that I arrived in New York City with barely enough time to make it to a screening of a student TV project my daughter Erin had worked on. Afterwards, I took two of her friends and her out to dinner, then I stopped at The Strand and bought a few books before I descended into the subway again and took a train across the water to Brooklyn, where I arrived in my room just before 10 pm to spend the night in Kings County for the first time ever.

I immediately created a little colorglyph and began to create cards. Originally, I'd planned to make 23 cards, since this was the 23rd of October and 23 appears within the colorglyph. As I worked on who I would send the card, however, I noticed that I owed many more mailartists a mailing (since I've been so unbusy in mailart since last fall), so I decided to use all the cards I had (35) to send out cards. This ended up being an enormous amount of work, but I finished and have about a half a pound of postcards to mail around the world. Luckily, I picked these postcards up for free at a rest area on the Northway last Friday.

The many lucky recipients of "S23N" (qbdp # 117) are as follows:

1. Marvin Sackner

2. Bob Grumman

3. Roy Arenella

4. Dan Waber

5. Ruud Janssen

6. Reed Altemus

7. A.A. Berry

8. Wayne Alan Brenner

9. Pati Bristow

10. RF Côté

11. Jimi Camero

12. richard canard

13. Ryosuke Cohen

14. frips

15. Ficus strangulensis

16. fat red ant

17. Luc Fierens

18. Haje Holmström

19. Jassy Lupa

20. Jim Leftwich

21. D. Mask

22. This Compost

23. Guy r. Beining

24. Mick Boyle

25. John M. Bennett

26. endwar

27. Billy Mavreas

28. Ross Priddle

29. Carol Stetser

30. Guido Vermeulen

31. Renée Wagemans

32. Pablo Wright

33. Lynn Jr & Elizabeth Zois

34. Steve Dalachinsky

35. qbdp

un violon d'ingres

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