Sunday, October 15, 2006

When an Archives is an Ark for Everyone but the Builder

Roy Arenella, "ARKHIVE = HOME" (2 May 2006)

Roy put together this card as a comment to a blog posting of mine at dbqp: "Documenting a Life." Here, Roy, connects with my idea that an archives (which, to him, is both an ark that floats us out of danger and a hive of activity) is a home, the a set of files is a measure of, and the exact equal to, a life. (Roy also notes "How much better to make this card than to click on the 'comment' button" on the blog.)

Since I wrote that post at the very beginning of May, I've decided I have to move a huge percentage of my papers out of my house, at least 52 cubic feet, maybe more. (Since I've worked on these papers I've developed a better estimate of the quantity of records I hold.) So now I will be giving away my papers, starting actually today, when I'll part with ten cubic feet (ten banker's boxes, to most) of my correspondence, which includes lots of mailart and other correspondence. I'm giving away my memory to make sure it isn't totally lost.

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