Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Future in the Present

Roy Arenella, Two-Way Arrow (2 Nov 2006)

When I'm on schedule (which isn't nearly often enough), I post information about my qbdp mailings before anyone has a chance to receive one, so recipients could (as Roy Arenella has often noted) see what they're going to receive long before they receive them. This card of Roy's, illustrated with a double-pointed arrow (representing coming and going), includes a note from Roy in anticipation of one of my cards to him. (The other review of the card was "The Archi've one I enjoyed but feel it's more potential than fulfillment," which might be pretty accurate.) Roy's other note was that he had no "sound method for procuring" blank diaries whose sequence of dates fit particular years. I'm still looking for one that will work for 2007. I'm currently using a 1905 diary for my 2006 jottings.

un violon d'ingres

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