Wednesday, August 18, 2004

What Roy Arenella Was Doing on August Sixteenth

Two days ago, on Monday, August 16th, Roy Arenella decided to send me two pieces of mail.

The first was a photograph of this blog on June 27th. As Roy asks, on the writing side of this card,

In the relationship between snailmail & blog, is this card ANOTHER GENERATION or ANOTHER DIMENSION?
Of course, it must be both. This card is number 348 C P/C (the 348th numbered mailing of the year, this one being a “copy of a photocard”). That much I understand, but there is something stamped within Roy’s traditional pseudo-cancellation mark that I just can’t make out: a something and an eight?

Roy Arenella, "Foto" on the Screen (28 Jun 2004)

The second mailing is a series of Chinese-boxed envelopes ending in a card, and it also refers back to an entry on this blog. [[[[[[It begins with an envelope upon which my address is typed upside-down, and upon the face of that card Roy has rubberstamped a square inside of which he’s added a squat minim and a fat tittle, which together make an i.

Roy Arenella, "i" (16 Aug 2004)

[The next envelope is stamped “CAREFUL,” the E of which is escaping from the word. [The third envelope, rubberstamped in a different rubbertypeface, bears the word “GENTLE,” with the first E trying to slip up and out of the way. [The fourth envelope is rubberstamped in smaller letters, and the word “TENDER” is almost losing its fourth E. [The fifth envelope is a plastic sleeve. [Inside this sleeve is a blue card upon which are placed a baby’s bandaid and a tiny circular bandaid, arranged to form an i. [All of this reminds us of endwar’s “decapitation of the i.”]]]]]]

Roy Arenella, “wounded i" (22 Apr 2002)

{{{On the back of this blue card, Roy writes,

I couldn’t resist—after seeing the “de-capitated i” on this morning’s blog—sending you my own “wounded i.” Sorry you had to work so hard to get to him but naturally I had to protect as best I could this vulnerable fellow!

un violon d’ingres

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