Sunday, November 14, 2004

Fike is Back

On the fourth of November, Ficus strangulensis mailed me another envelope announcing that he is back, which is great to hear. His note, unexpectedly, centers around guns: about reuniting with his shooting buddy after a month away, that one of my fidgetglyphs looks like a "hand-blunderbus[s] discharging," and the news of a shooting death of someone he knew.

But the rest of the envelope is everything we'd expect from Fike (not that talk of shooting ain't!): the normal craziness on the envelope (including Fike's own phizzog on the address label), two painted cards, one color card rewriting a John M. Bennett poem, and a beautiful hyper-reworked collage, which we see below.

Ficus strangulensis, "Billion" (2004)

un violon d'ingres

1 comment:

Ed Giecek said...

Yup. That shore look'zZ like my ole buddy Fike'z work. He'z a classic!